Pitcher takes a classic double

The Super Rod’s took to Warrnambool’s Premier Speedway Sungold Stadium to support the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic. It was Bannockburn’s Allan Pitcher who claimed the feature wins on both the Friday and Saturday nights of racing.  Friday night’s racing saw Pitcher the victor in the first heat of the night leading home Leigh Podger and Corey Deglaitis. Heat two saw an all the ways win to Troy Gleeson leading home Darryl Nelson and George Woolstencroft. The line-up for the final saw Pitcher out of pole position with Gleeson on his outside, they were followed by Nelson, Podger, Deglaitis, Howard Stansfield, Woolstencroft, Ewan McKenzie, Peter Duynhoven, Geoff Long, David Duynhoven, Paul Verhoeven and Michael Coad. Pitcher made the most of the starts, leading away from Gleeson and Nelson, with Podger moving up into third position in lap three, they ran in this order until lap eight when Howard Stansfield took over third position. The race was brought to a premature end with Pitcher going on to take the win ahead of Gleeson, Howard Stansfield. Then came Podger, Deglaitis, Woolstencroft, Nelson, Peter Duynhoven, McKenzie, Long, Coad, David Duynhoven and Verhoeven. The first heat on Saturday night saw Pitcher elevating himself from his seventh starting positon to take the win leading home Gleeson and Grant Stansfield. Heat two was taken out by Peter Gale who led home McKenzie and Grant Stansfield. With the grid on Saturday night saw Pitcher again from position one with Grant Stansfield completing the front row, then came Peter Gale and McKenzie making up the second row, they were followed by Gleeson, Peter Duynhoven, Deglaitis, Jack Gale and Verhoeven. Peter Gale was unable to take his starting position with fuel issues, Geoff Long with tail shaft problems and Michael Coad and Michael McDonald unable to take their places after damage sustained in the second heat. It was Pitcher who made the most of the start with Grant Stansfield, Gleeson and McKenzie. In lap four Grant Stansfield started to apply heavy pressure to the leader however Pitcher was able to thwart every attempt made by the persistent pursuer. <br><br>As they crossed the finish line it was Pitcher who went on to take his second win an as many nights ahead of Grant Stansfield, Gleeson, McKenzie, Deglaitis, Peter Duynhoven, Verhoeven and Jack Gale The Super Rods will be back in action again this weekend at Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway where they will support night’s one and two of the Australian Sprintcar Title.