Super Rod Cup Goes to Howard Stansfield

Warrnambool’s Howard Stansfield claimed his maiden Super Rod Cup after 30 years of competing in the event, after running second in 2010 and third in 2003. Stansfield took a convincing win when he led home Shaun Walsh and Michael McDonald on Sunday night at Warrnambool’s Premier Speedway Sungold Stadium.


In the first heat of the night it was Darryl Nelson with an all the way win ahead of Walsh and Ewan McKenzie. Heat two saw Stansfield win from Peter Duynhoven and Troy Gleeson.

Woolstencroft was victorious in heat three leading home Leigh Podger with McDonald home in third. The final heat of the night saw McKenzie lead all the way to take the win from Michael Coad and Walsh.


The line-up for the final saw McKenzie and Stansfield making up the front row, they were followed by Walsh, Nelson, Woolstencroft, Coad, McDonald, Podger, Gleeson, Peter Duynhoven, Shawn Duynhoven, Paul Verhoeven, Corey Deglaitis, Ric Swasbrick, Peter Gale and Amy Duynhoven. Jim Gronbeck was unable to start the final with front end damage.


From the drop of the green it was McKenzie who made the best of the starts with Howard and Walsh led the way for the first six laps when the race was brought to a halt when the car of Gale spun.


From the restart it was McKenzie with Stansfield hot on his heels, Stansfield was able to use the restart to his advantage and took the lead the following lap ahead of McKenzie, Walsh, Coad and McDonald. Stansfield was able to establish a handy lead while the battle for the minors saw Walsh and McDonald in a spirited duel, when in lap 14 Peter Duynhoven blew a radiator hose spilling water on the track and causing the following Coad and Verhoeven to spin. Coad was able to restart but Verhoeven pulled to the centre with rear suspension damage.


Walsh applied heavy pressure to the leader at the restart, but the experienced Stansfield was able to thwart his attempts, with McDonald McKenzie, Deglaitis and Woolstencroft all dicing for the final podium position. Stansfield continued on to take a convincing win ahead of Walsh with McDonald home in third, they were followed by Woolstencroft, Deglaitis, McKenzie, Podger, Nelson, Gale, Shawn Duynhoven, Coad and Swasbrick.


The next meeting for the Super Rod’s will be at Laang Speedway this Saturday 2nd of April, before heading to Hamilton’s Western Speedway for the running of the Victorian Super Rod Title on the 9th of April.