Duynhoven Dynamic at Darlington

It was Scott’s Creeks’ Peter “Dutchy” Duynhoven who took the win when the Super Rods had their season opener at Darlington’s Mid-Western Speedway on Saturday night. The night marked the rookie debuts for Camperdown’s Jim Gronbeck, Geelong’s Peter Bodger with Geoff Long taking to the track for the second time as a Super Rod driver. The night also saw Ewan McKenzie, Troy Gleeson and Robert Richardson in brand new race cars. It was Duynhoven who drew first blood in heat one taking a comfortable win ahead of McKenzie and Corey Deglaitis. Heat two saw Allan Pitcher victorious ahead of Duynhoven with Craig Devlin home in third position. The third heat saw Pitcher again win ahead of McKenzie and Duynhoven. Pitcher made a clean win of all of his heats when he led home Deglaitis with Devlin again home in third in the final heat of the night. The line-up for the final saw Duynhoven out of position one with Deglaitis on his outside, they were followed by McKenzie, Devlin, Gleeson, Richardson, Gronbeck, Bodger and Long. With Pitcher unable to start the final with car issues. Duynhoven made the best of the starts with Deglaitis and McKenzie in hot pursuit, some of the excitement of final came from the minor positions with Deglaitis and McKenzie battling hard for second position, on lap seven McKenzie was able to move forward however it was short lived as on the next corner Deglaitis was able to reclaim his position. It was Duynhoven who was able to take a convincing win ahead of Deglaitis, McKenzie, Gleeson, Richardson, Long, Gronbeck and Bodger, with Devlin withdrawing from the race with power steering issues.


The next meeting for the Super Rods will be at Heytesbury Stockfeed’s Simpson Speedway on Saturday 5th of December.