Avalon win goes the way of Walsh

The Super Rods took to Geelong’s Avalon Raceway on Saturday 2nd of January where Lancefield’s Shaun Walsh took the Grayland Racing car to the checker first ahead of Leigh Podger and Howard Stansfield. Podger took out the win in the first heat of the night leading home Stansfield and Shawn Duynhoven. Heat two saw Walsh take the win ahead of Allan Pitcher and Darryl Nelson. The third heat of the night went the way of Stanfield holding out Peter Duynhoven and Andrew Howard for third. Shawn Duynhoven was the victor in the fourth heat of the night when he led home Podger and Corey Deglaitis. The Super Rods held their annual Avalon Pole shuffle with the top eight point scorers contesting a series of 2 lap dashes with the winner advancing. The first match up of the night saw Deglaitis and Pitcher, with Pitcher pulling in shortly after the start with engine dramas handing the win to Deglaitis. The second dash saw a close tussle between Deglaitis and Nelson with the Deglaitis taking the chequer and advancing. Deglaitis was able to defeat Peter Duynhoven in the third dash and elevate himself one more position. The next challenger saw a close race between Deglaitis and Walsh with Walsh taking a narrow win over Deglaitis. In another close match up saw Shawn Duynhoven victorious over Walsh. In the closest duel of the night saw less than half a car length separate Duynhoven and Podger to remain in contention for pole position with Duynhoven successful. In the final run off Stansfield was able to hold off Duynhoven to gain the coveted number one position. After the pole shuffle the grid for the final saw Stansfield and Shawn Duynhoven taking up the front row, they were followed by Podger, Walsh, Deglaitis, Peter Duynhoven, Nelson, Ewan McKenzie, Geoff Long, Andrew Howard, Peter Bodger, Craig Devlin and George Woolstencroft. With Pitcher unable to take his starting position with engine woes. Stansfield made the best of the starts in the final however at the start of lap two a huge roll over by Shawn Duynhoven who rode a wheel which saw the immaculate 63 machine cannon into the fence and roll end for end along the concrete. In the chaos that followed Devlin also rolled his car trying to avoid other cars and the cars of Nelson, Woolstencroft and Bodger were all eliminated from the race with damage to their front ends. From the restart it was Stansfield who was able to maintain the lead ahead of a dogged Podger, the two led away from the pack and established a handy lead. However it was Walsh who persisted to run the high line and at one stage ended up back in sixth position when he found some drive on his preferred line and set out in pursuit of the leading pair. On lap fifteen Walsh was able to pass Podger and move up into second position on the following lap he also accounted for Stansfield, with two laps remaining Podger moved up into second position when the car of Stansfield slowed with loss of power steering. At the chequered flag it was Walsh from Podger, Stansfield was able to hang onto his third placing and was followed home by Deglaitis, Peter Duynhoven and Geoff Long. The Super Rod’s next meeting will see them travel across the South Australian border to Mount Gambier’s Borderline Speedway on Saturday 9th of January.